Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day – September 26

On September 26, we hope that our Special Olympics family around the world will celebrate the legacy of an amazing woman. Launched six years ago to commemorate the life and spirit of the founder of the Special Olympics movement, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day is a celebration of one person’s achievements and inspiration, but also the values she represents to this day – compassion, tolerance, love and a passion for social justice and equality. Eunice Kennedy Shriver dedicated her life to fighting for people with intellectual disabilities, helping to open people’s minds to their gifts and potential. She believed that one person could make a difference and change the world, and her life demonstrated the truth of that belief.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day will consist of individual events held at the local, state, national, regional and global levels – events that demonstrate and exemplify the value and spirit of inclusion both on and off the playing field.  Special Olympics Georgia will be recognizing and celebrating Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day at our Strike the R-word bowling event on September 29.

To be a part of this inclusion movement, sign up at, and follow it on social media using #LetsChangeTheGame.