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Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Coaching Special Olympic Athletes 

Coaching Unified Sports

Concussion In Sports

Principles of Coaching


To become a SOGA Coach follow these steps:

1. Contact the Sports and Program Manager in your area about coaching opportunities and connect with your local program.

2. Fill out the appropriate paperwork:

Volunteer/Unified Partner Profile Form (PDF) download, complete, and print this form. Please provide all your information, as it is needed in order to perform a background check. Questions or concerns, please direct them to the Volunteer and Event Manager.

Coaches Code of Conduct download this form, review, and sign that will adhere to the Coaches Code of Conduct.

3. Submit completed Volunteer/Coach Profile form and signed Code of Conduct to your Sports and Program Manager.
After you’ve been through one of our mini-sports camps, fill out the  Application for Certification and submit it to Kelli Britt in Atlanta.

4. Complete the Protective Behaviors online quiz

5. Complete the Coaches Concussion Training online

6. Complete the Verified Volunteers online


Coaches Mini-Sports Camps
-Get certified as a coach.  Find a Mini-Sports Camp near you and begin getting certified in some sports! Click here for more information.

Application for Certification fill this out after you’ve gone through one of our mini-sports camps.

Unified Sports
(For individuals without intellectual disabilities, participating on a sports team with individuals with intellectual disabilities)
Unified Sports is a moving and exciting initiative for higher ability athletes of all ages, from youth to adults. Mixed teams provide the public direct opportunities to experience first-hand the capabilities and courage of Special Olympics athletes. By having fun together in a variety of sports ranging from basketball to golf to figure skating, Unified Sports athletes and partners improve their physical fitness, sharpen their skills, challenge the competition and help to overcome prejudices about intellectual disability.

Click here to learn more about Unified Sports training

Get Re-Certified

Click the sport or course below in which you would like to become re-certified:

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Coaching Special Olympics Athletes



Figure Skating

Flag Football

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Ice Speedskating




Principles of Coaching

Rhythmic Gymnastics

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Table Tennis


Unified Sports


 Click here for the General Orientation Quiz

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Coaching Strategy Guide

SOGA Sports Offered

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