Below is every document each agency needs to complete their 2017 Fall Games Paperwork. If you have questions you may contact your Sports and Program Manager.

Paperwork for EVERY agency:

Each document below must be submitted before your paperwork will be complete. Each document to be included with your completed paperwork is available in either Microsoft Word or Excel format and in PDF. Microsoft Word allows you to save a copy to your computer and edit if you prefer to send your paperwork electronically. PDF format will only allow you to view the document as a webpage. Both formats can be printed and filled out by hand. Remember, paperwork is due August 21st at 4:30 p.m. in the Atlanta or the Valdosta office. Faxed paperwork will not be accepted.


NEW Policy Concerning Individual Roles at State Games (PDF)

Late paperwork Policy (WORD) Please read this first before starting your paperwork.

Reimbursement Policy (WORD) Please read this before starting your paperwork.

Fall Games Checklist for Mailout (WORD) Use this to insure that you have completed everything that is required.

Fall Games Fees Sheet (WORD) For calculating your state games fees.

Head of Delegation/Roster/Housing Form (WORD) Lets us know all athletes, coaches, and other people who will be coming with your agency and who will be in charge.

Head of Delegation Contact Information Form (WORD) Every HOD needs to fill this out in case of an emergency.

Housing Committment Form (WORD) Shows what nights you will need hotel accomodations.

Housing Policy (WORD) States SOGA’s housing policy. HOD will need to sign at bottom certifying that he/she understands and will comply with our set-forth housing policy.

Volunteer/Coach Profile Form (WORD) This form must be on file and signed for each Coach, Chaperone, Nurse, Bus Driver, or Other Person who attends state competitions. If you are bringing a first time volunteer they must fill this out.

Volunteer/Coach Screening Certification Form (EXCEL) Lists all volunteers who will be attending with your delegation to insure they have been screened appropriately.

15 Passenger Van Release (WORD) This form must be completed before EVERY state competition.

Code of Conduct (WORD) Must be completed by every volunteer who will be attending with your delegation.


Sports Registration Forms

Bocce (WORD)

Cycling (WORD)

Unified Tandem Cycling (WORD)

Golf and Golf Skills (WORD)

Softball Traditional Team (WORD)

Modified Softball Team (WORD)

Softball Skills (WORD)

Softball Unified Team (WORD)


Sport Rules and Divisioning/Scoring:

Fall Games Rules (WORD)

Unified Team Rules and Regulations (WORD)

Bocce Policy and General Rules (WORD)

Bocce Divisioning Assessment (WORD)

Bocce Divisioning Score sheet (WORD)

Softball Update Rules (WORD)

Determining Softball Levels (WORD)

Softball Rating Final (WORD)

Softball Rules and Regulations – Modified (WORD)

Softball Rules and Regulations – Traditional (WORD)


Additional Resources

Fall Games Rules (WORD)

*State Games Numbers Cheat Sheet (WORD)

Housing Worksheet (EXCEL) (For personal use – does not need to be submitted to State office)


Housing Rescources:

Housing Policy (WORD)

Housing Commitment Form (WORD)


Other Important Information

Class A Volunteer Screening Policy 

Flag or Banner Recommendations 

General Polices for all Special Olympic Events

Flyer for Age and Ability Considerations for Team Sports

Coach Code of Contact Form

Policy Concerning Extra Coaches

Policy Concerning Individual Roles

Volunteer Screening Certification

Substitution Policy