Area Coordinators, Local Coordinators, and Fundraising Chairs:

Please see below for some unique and FUN fundraising ideas you can use for your program.

Fundraising Opportunities through the State Office:

Icon Sales – Special Olympics Georgia cardstock icons can be purchased from the state office for $.25/icon. This can be a great and inexpensive fundraiser if there is a local business, school, rec. dept., etc. that is willing to sell them. For more information, contact Susan Skolnick at 770-414-9390, ext. 1111 or

Phone Bones – This is a program in which SOGA collects old cell phones to turn in for recycling to raise money. The state office provides you with collection boxes to place in your community. Your program receives 85% of the funds from the phones you collect. This is an easy, cost-free way to raise money for your local program. For more information contact Liz Smith at 229-712-9973 or

Additional Fundraising Ideas

Stevie B’s – Offer discount cards for re-sale and host on-site fundraising nights with a percentage of sales going to you.  Contact your local Stevie B’s.

Chick-Fil-A – Offer Spirit Nights with a percentage of sales going to you and other fundraising opportunities.  Contact your local Chick-Fil-A.

Krispy Kreme –  Offers several different fundraising opportunities.  Contact your local Krispy Kreme or visit

Aquavation – Provide the ability to make a one-of-a-kind high quality sports water bottle.  People visit a website to add photos, words and images on top of available background designs and include your local Special Olympics information such as event names, team names or whatever is unique to you.  Every bottle is different and provides you with a predetermined donation. Requires no financial investment or minimum order quantity, and Aquavation handles all customer service, shipping and manufacturing.  For more information visit

Save Around Coupon Book – You sell a coupon book specific to your community (limited areas) and make money off of each book sold.  For more information, visit

Domino’s Pizza Card – You set-up a 2 week fundraiser where you sell Domino’s Pizza cards for $10 and make a profit of $5/card.  The card allows the customer to buy one large pizza and get one large pizza free (it basically pays for itself after you buy one pizza).  The card can be used to purchase multiple pizzas at one time (there is no limit), and it can be used an unlimited amount of times until the expiration date.  The card works in numerous Georgia counties.   For further details and/or to see if your county is one that is included, go to

Personalized Coffee – Sell bags of coffee personalized with your logo or the SOGA logo for $10 and make a profit of approx. $4/bag.  For further details and/or to schedule your fundraiser, contact Jacob Akers at 406-671-2335 or

Cozzzy Comfy – Sell 1200 thread count sheets for $40 a set and make a profit of $10/set.  They will create a customized order form with your logo and assist in the entire process at no cost to you.  For more information, contact Candis Pittman-Hamilton at (770) 355-2465 or

Hat/Jeans Days – contact local businesses and/or schools about employees/students making a certain donation amount for the privilege of wearing jeans on Friday, a crazy hat, etc. for a certain period of time (i.e., Fridays for the month of October).

Hawaiian Coffee – Pre-sell bags of Hawaiian coffees that you purchase for $6.85 (recommended sale price is $10).  For further details, contact Norman Ching at 404-734-0909 or

The Booster Club Discount Card – Custom designed discount card to area businesses.   No up-front costs, no minimum amount of card sales required.  Only pay for the cards sold.  Three different programs/price points for cards and profit kept by you (minimum of 50%).  For more information, visit or contact T.J. Gity Jr. at 877-926-6783 or

Superior Fundraising Discount Card – Custom designed discount card to area businesses.   No up-front costs.   For more information, visit or contact Augusta at 1-888-542-2737 ext 425 or

World’s Finest Chocolate Bars and Other Fundraisers –

Recycling Fundraisers

Chick-Fil-A and Zaxby’s – Offer Spirit Nights with a percentage of sales going to you and other fundraising opportunities.  Contact your local Chick-Fil-A and Zaxby’s.

Jumpy Monkey Coffee – The Jumpy Monkey Coffee company was established in 2003 with the mission of providing meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities, and today they are proud to say over one hundred individuals with disabilities are employed in the Jumpy Monkey Family.  Over the years, Special Olympics has always been near and dear to their hearts, and the majority of their employees are currently involved in Special Olympics or have been at one time in their lives.  With their “Coffee With A Cause” program, pre-sell bags of coffee personalized with your logo or the SOGA logo for $12.50 and make a profit of $5/bag.  Jumpy Monkey can provide you with customized order sheets. For more information, contact John Donovan at or 712-943-3026 or visit


Fundraising Authorization Forms

Please remember that a fundraising authorization form must be completed at least 30 days prior to any event/revenue generating activity and before any activities associated with that event can take place (this includes marketing/pr).

A fundraising authorization form needs to be completed even if it is another organization/business that is hosting the event and you are just the beneficiary (i.e., golf tournament).

Click for the Fundraising Authorization Form in WORD Format

Click for the Fundraising Authorization Form in PDF Format

Fundraising Materials Available through the State Office:

Benefits of Participation

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sample Thank You Letter

Sample Receipt of Donation

Please contact Susan Skolnick for any questions, or for additional information regarding fundraising at or 770-414-9390, ext. 1111