Duck Pluck 2016 – August 12, 1:00 pm

Thank you to everyone who supported Special Olympics Georgia by donating $5 or more to participate in the 2016 Duck Pluck!

Because of the generous support and involvement in this year’s Duck Pluck, Special Olympics Georgia was able to have over 8,600 ducks adopted, raising over $43,000 for our 27,110 athletes statewide.

We are pleased to announce the 5 winners of the 2016 Duck Pluck:

2016 Winners:

1st Place: Beth B.
2nd Place: Planner’s Engineers
3rd: Aisha A.
4th: Anthony P.
5th: Judi O.

Congratulations, winners!



For more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact Susan Skolnick at or 770-414-9390 x111