specialolympicsgawgmpbb9Increase number of athletes at State Games

Need Support! Let volunteers & donors know

SOGA becomes most visible nonprofit in the State

Promote SOGA and teach the “Big Picture”

Internally communicate

Reach more athletes…reduce attrition

It takes tEamwork !!

Organizational Culture


Special Olympics Georgia (SOGA) presents options for participation in the organization on a wide range of levels. SOGA will always be an informed resource for all participants as well as provide the needed tools for success. Leadership and other opportunities will be presented to network and learn. There will be an ongoing and open invitation to individuals to lend a hand and be supportive of the organization.

Forward Thinking

Special Olympics Georgia proactively anticipates possible opportunities for organizational growth and advancement. Through collaborative efforts, we will continually evaluate situations and trends to determine progressive and innovative strategies that fulfill the SOGA mission.

Goal Oriented

SOGA will set goals that include individual, strategic long term and short term organizational goals. We will review and evaluate the goals frequently and adjust or add to them if necessary. SOGA will work together as a united front to meet or exceed all organizational goals. By setting and meeting goals our teamwork will be enhanced and we will achieve success.

Mission Focused

At the onset of every project, during every strategic alliance formed, and during every event hosted, we will remain focused on and motivated by the mission of Special Olympics Georgia. We will follow the mission and give individuals with intellectual disabilities opportunities to succeed and thrive as athletes and as productive community citizens.

Motivate and Inspire

Special Olympics Georgia will work hard to motivate and inspire athletes, family members, unified partners, coaches and volunteers to reach their goals by setting our own high professional expectations and goals. We will recognize other’s achievements with the goal of encouraging everyone to reach new heights. SOGA will share the joys and accomplishments of others.


By working together as team players, we will cooperate with others and place the needs of the organization first. SOGA will improve communication with each other and achieve our common goals. We will demonstrate teamwork and will work the necessary hours to raise funds and awareness, to set up events, host competitions and train athletes and volunteers. Teamwork is at the heart of what we do, and it will produce strong relationships and help us support the SOGA mission.